Stay & Study!

Where are we?

We are located in Calahonda, on the beautiful Costa del Sol just 30 min drive from Malaga airport. Nearby you will find great bars, restaurants and activities, we are 20 min walk to the beach where you will find chiringuitos, water sports and numerous other things to do. Although this is a learning holiday, the beauty is that being in a holiday spot, you will have everything on your doorstep.

In our stay & study programme, you will have your own accommodation with garden, terrace and access to a gorgeous swimming pool in a calm peaceful environment. The accommodation itself consists of two bedrooms (versatile sleeping arrangements) lounge / kitchen and bathroom. It has everything to make your stay comfortable. 


Dive into learning that fits you like a glove! Our Custom Courses are tailored just for you. Whether youʼre a beginner or a pro, we craft each lesson to match your pace and goals. Itʼs learning made just for you, picking your own lemons for a refreshing lemonade or to make a nice top for your Gin and a complementary walk to a beautuful beach.

22 hours of lessons

Length of stay: 7 days / nights
5 days of lessons Mon-Fri


Pack your bags for a brain-boosting adventure! Dip your feet in our pool, explore new places, and learn tons—all in one go. Itʼs not just a course; itʼs a home where your brain grows!

17 hours of lessons

Length of stay: 7 days / nights
5 days of lessons Mon-Fri


Learning is a blast when youʼre part of a team! In our Group Learning, youʼll join pals on a journey of discovery. Fun games, cool projects, and laughs make growing your brain a team sport. Itʼs where friends and facts meet!

15 hours of lessons 

Length of stay: 7 days / nights
5 days of lessons


When is time to learn and focus is your aim, but you want to feel free in a good place and time wont be a waste.

9 hours of lessons 

Length of stay: 5 days / nights
3 days of lessons

Talk Easy!

Got questions? Reach out now and letʼs make learning fun together!