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Standart Conversation

Learning the basics will give you the confidence on travels to communicate in situations where you may be confronted to the locals in a restaurant or perhaps just getting your bearings.

Primary School

The lesson for your children are tailored and completely designed for their age group and learning skills, you won’t have to worry about you child getting behind as the study plan would be complementary for school requirements.

GCSE, A Levels and Other Exams

At this point the pressure is about the marks, make sure you have the time to learn the skills you need for your exams as unfortunately there is not a shortcut to get you there.

Knowing your abilities and having a clear list of what you need to work at, will help your tutor to make the perfect plan.

Having a wide experience working with business, has given me the opportunity to target key aspects and demands of a professional environment not only when closing a deal but working on the daily basis with different Spanish speaking backgrounds .

Spanish for Business

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